Unique Features of the Journal

Fast Turnaround

Reviewers are strongly encouraged to return reviews by email within 2 weeks. Reviews are typically returned to the author(s) a day or so later. It is possible to begin a revision while awaiting an additional review, and finish it a few days after the second review is returned to the author, assuming there are few recommendations for change. From initial submission to publication of the revised and edited paper depends on how quickly reviewers review a paper, how quickly authors are able to revise, and timing of the final accepted and formatted revision. From initial submission to final published paper is typically about 3 months, but sometimes as little as 6 weeks.

Editorial Courtesy

We believe that we have an obligation to behave in a professional and courteous manner toward authors. Authors should be reinforced by journals, not punished with arbitrary procedures, lengthy forms filled with irrelevant questions, ad hominem attacks, and sarcastic comments from reviewers. Reviewers are strongly encouraged to avoid sarcasm and destructive criticism, and offer specific suggestions for improving a paper.

True Internationalism

We have published many papers that originated from outside the United States. While many of these have come from English-speaking countries like Canada, England, and Australia, we have also published a few papers from countries like Argentina, Cyprus, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Iran, Israel, Japan, Jordan,  Kuwait, Slovakia, Singapore, France,  Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Philippines, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam– 40 plus countries in all.

Interviews With Outstanding Psychologists

We have published interviews with well-known psychologists such as Phil Zimbardo, Elizabeth Loftus, James Jones, Albert Ellis, Howard Gardner, Robert Sternberg, Russ Eisenman, and Arnold Lazarus. We have also interviewed psychologists from around the world who are not as well-known, but who have achieved a great deal and have been widely acclaimed in their part of the globe.