Sample Submission Letter

Dear Dr. Lynn McCutcheon:

Please consider the enclosed/attached manuscript, _____, for possible publication in the North American Journal of Psychology. I understand that if my manuscript is eventually accepted for publication, I agree to pay a fee of $20 per journal page.  Thus, a 10-page paper in the journal would cost $200, and an 11-page article in the journal would cost $220.

I approve submission of the manuscript and I have no conflict of interest. The paper has not been published in any form elsewhere and is not currently under review at any other journal. All participants were treated according to APA guidelines for the treatment of human participants.

Thank you for considering my paper. I look forward to hearing your decision.


(Note – There is no need to mail a hard copy of the manuscript, especially if you are mailing from outside the USA.  If you decide to send a hard copy anyway, send to the following address: 240 Harbor Drive, Winter Garden, FL 34787. If you are sending a manuscript between May 25 and September 20 please send to Box 75, Schellsburg, PA 15559)